Gan Tingting for General and I

I was originally worrying about the costuming and production for this drama but these put my mind to ease.

General and I 孤芳不自賞 has released stills of Gan Tingting.  Starring Wallace Chung, Angelababy, Sun Yizhou, Gan Tingting, and Qi Hang, while the costuming does not seem to follow historical clothing trends that we know of for the period, I would have to argue that this is one of those rare instances where it looks like the creative costuming is done right.

More stills below the cut.

2 thoughts on “Gan Tingting for General and I

  1. Gan Tingting looks beautiful as always. I especially like the purple dress. Usually having two strands of hair in the front seem off and messy, but it actually looks really nicely styled like that on Gan Tingting. Lastly, it seems like Sun Yizhou lost some weight.

  2. Hm…not bad. At least they didn’t pile on the mile high hair extensions and their corresponding in your face hair accessories. Why are all the men’s costumes so ornate, embroidered, bling’ed and all?

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