Storm of Prophecy plays up the romance in couple posters


Readers, what are your opinions on these posters?

Despite the lacklustre character stills, I think Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy has still got it – I love the traditional look of these new posters, which feature all the romantic pairings in the drama.

The 80 episode fantasy drama is helmed by cinematographer turned director Cao Dun, and is aiming to broadcast on Hunan TV at the beginning of 2017. New stills, posters and character descriptions below the cut.

At the top of the page are Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan) the half-human half-spirit 6th Prince who will “bring bad luck to the Empire should he draw the [imperial] sword”. Pictured beside him is love interest Panxi (Janice Man), a spirit from the sea whose biggest wish is to experience the world as a human. A new BTS clip featuring Muyun Sheng can be found here.

Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou) is the third son of General Muru Shuo of the Duan Dynasty. Astrologists said Hanjiang was fated to become Emperor, and the Muru family abandoned him out of fear of persecution. He meets and falls in love with Su Yuning (Xu Lu), though a mistaken prophecy means she is destined to marry the heir to the throne.

Shuofeng Heye (Zhou Yiwei) is the heir of a massacred tribe, and takes a liking to Muyun Yanshuang (Zhang Jianing) after she brings him back as a slave.

Muyun De (Zhang Xiaochen), second son of Prince Ye (Wang Qianyuan) and Chairman of Wanzhou’s Commerce Society. Falls in love with Muyun Sheng’s personal maid Lan Yu’er (He Dujuan).

Empress Nanku Mingyi (Jiang Qinqin) is an ambitious and ruthless woman, though truly loves and respects Muyun Qin (Lu Fangsheng), Emperor Ming of the Duan Dynasty. Unfortunately he only has eyes for Muyun Sheng’s mother Yin Rong (Janine Chang).

Nanku Yueli (Wan Qian) is the niece of Mingyi, and has her sights set on becoming the next Empress. Muyun Hege (Peng Guanying) is the corrupt and calculating 3rd Prince who has an unrequited love for Yueli.

Longge Danzhu (Li Nian) and Shuofeng Da (Jiang Yi), parents of Shuofeng Heye.

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6 thoughts on “Storm of Prophecy plays up the romance in couple posters

  1. 2017….:( was waiting for this one to come out.

    I don’t think the posters are bad looking, but they could have made it at least higher quality.

  2. These posters don’t hurt my eyes, in that they’re not too bright. They don’t annoy me either, in that they’re not heavy on the photoshopping. But…coming from such a grand production (from the trailers anyways), these posters seem…cheap.

    • I don’t think they are that bad. At least they aren’t all generic and edited-looking. But if you have some nice cardstock, you could print them out and make bookmarks. :)

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