Oh My General begins filming

Oh My General 将军在上 has started filming based on the manuscript of a similar name 将军在上我在下 (The General is on top, I’m on the bottom).  Starring Ma Sichun and Sheng Yilun, this seems to be more of a comedy so those who are interested can check this one out.

More stills and (WARNING!!) spoilers below the cut at the bottom of the post.

During the Song Dynasty, Xie Zhao cross dresses to become a general of outstanding ability, receiving a top rank of general.  The Empress Dowager constantly worries about Xie Zhao holding too much power and took the opportunity to betroth Xie Zhao to one of the emperor’s sons, the no-good Prince of Nanping Xia Yujin of remarkable physical appearance but famous for his pampered laziness and artistic pursuits.  Thus, the story of the real battle of who will take power in this new household begins.

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  1. So even though she cross dresses, everybody knows she is a woman? That is unexpected. I wondering if it will be similar to HK drama “Mutual Affection” (河東獅吼)…

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