Chong Er’s Preach starts filming

Despite the generic-looking costumes and funny-sounding name, this story actually does have some historical relevance

Chong Er’s Preach 重耳传 has started filming.  Starring Wang LonghuaZhang HanyunHan ChaeyoungPurba Rgyal, and Zhang Yishan, I still wish for a drama that would better emulate the dress code for the era based on what we know already, although I understand it is hard since the farther you go back, the less evidence there is to work with.

More character posters and (WARNING!) spoilers at the bottom of the post.

This drama takes place during the Spring and Autumn Period following Duke Wen if Jin (Chong Er).  Chong Er was a studious individual who, despite his studiousness and talents, was back-stabbed in court.  Li Ji plotted to uproot the current crown prince. leading to his eventual suicide and eventually found a way to entrap Chong Er.  This left him with no option but to flee, resulting in tumult in court and leading to his exile.  During his exile, he learned much about the people and was eventually able to return to his home and raise it to greatness.

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