At least the artistic posters are interesting…

A new fantasy drama called The Magnificent Five 墨客行 has started filming.  Starring Xu Lu, Zhang Rui, Gao Yang, and Xu Haiqiao, not sure how well this fantasy drama will fare in the light of all the other Chinese fantasy dramas as competition.

More stills and posters below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “The Magnificent Five starts filming”

  1. The filming was actually done back in the middle of June. They have just released a preview at the end of August.

  2. What would be great to know is where they’re filming, e.g., Hengdian World Studio, Shanghai Film Park, etc. I’m hoping to see something in production when I go to those locations in 2 weeks.

      1. Oops, I have replied to the wrong place. Yes, the filming is actually finished, and Haiqiao has been filming another series ever since.

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