The scenery is pretty. :)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes has released more stills.  Starring Yang XuwenLi YitongChen Xingxu, and Meng Ziyi, at least everything looks nice so far.

More stills below the cut.


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3 thoughts on “The Legend of the Condor Heroes releases stills”

  1. I am watching Demon Girl atm. Li Yi Tong demonstrates her role really well & I love her cuteness. Will put this one on my plantowatch list for sure.

  2. I feel like the actress playing huang rong looks too modern/plastic for the role, but I do appreciate the costumes not being too gaudy

    1. I probably not going to watch it (‘cuz I am just sick and tire of LCH remakes) but Li Yitong fits with my idea of Huang Rong, a 古灵精怪 (not sure how to translate it) pretty girl.

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