Yet more stills for The Legend of Flying Daggers

You have to wonder the point of releasing so many stills at this point when a release date doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon…

The Legend of Flying Daggers has released stills.  Starring Hawick LauYang Rong, Wu YingjieHuang MingKenny Kwan, and Yuan Bingyan, more for fans of this production.

More stills below the cut.

3 thoughts on “Yet more stills for The Legend of Flying Daggers

  1. Somehow I feel that if a drama is releasing heaps of stills and trailers, it means that it isn’t selling very well and no TV station has expressed enough interest/ high enough price to acquire it. The reason Mainland dramas release these stills early is to generate interest and sell it. Then they do the usual promos just before it airs.

    The really good dramas seem to release one trailer, one or two batch of stills and then that’s it because they get sold quickly e.g. Storm of Prophecy (legitimately the only drama that I am really anticipating this year).

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