Xuanyuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han begins filming

I want to know what is with all these recent productions and these interesting looking logos…

Xuanyuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han 轩辕剑之汉之云 has begun filming.  Starring Zhang YunlongYu MenglongGuan XiaotongZhang Jiazhu, and Ju Jingyi, those looking for a more fantastical spin on history can give this a go.

More stills and (WARNING) potential spoilers below the cut.

This drama seems to revolve around the end of the Han dynasty, a mythical sword, a pair of brothers, and bringing peace and order into this chaotic period.

14 thoughts on “Xuanyuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han begins filming

  1. I like the costume and the hair. (Except for Gao Wei Guang, who looks like Sha Jiejie wannabe.) It has an epic feel to it. I hope the real thing isn’t like Ice Fantasy or, heaven forbids, Yun Zhi Fan.
    Does this drama have anything to do Hu Ge’s Xuayuan Sword, which I have no urge whatsoever to watch? Is this another adaptation of a RPG game?

  2. So when I first loaded this page, the screen size meant I could only see the top part of the picture, and I was like why is Cfensi reporting about Game of Thrones? perhaps a Chinese adaptation? LOL

    (seriously cut out the bottom half the cover picture and it looks like the iron throne)

    • If they did make one, imagine how much more warped and convoluted the story would get with a whole harem of consorts to deal with…XD

  3. This might be fun. Maybe not as fun as Ice Fantasy, which at this point could only be improved by Brian Blessed charging across the screen bellowing “Ka Suo’s ALIIIIIIIVE!” … still, this has visual potential. By which I mean the colors are neither insipidly pastel nor virulently intense. I reserve a moderate optimism!

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