The Legend of Jade Sword in the works

… and another works turns into a drama…

Not too familiar with this series The Legend of Jade Sword but it seems like there is a new Xianxia drama in the works based on the work by Wochi Xihongshi starring Hawick Lau.  Fans of the work can look forward to this adaptation.

More and (WARNING!) potential plot spoilers at the bottom of the post below the cut.

The plot seems to take place during the Xia Dynasty and revolves around a hero and his family that was destroyed during some conspiracy that is set to also destroy the country.

13 thoughts on “The Legend of Jade Sword in the works

  1. Is there a reason for a European-style dragon?
    Too many fantasy dramas are being churned out like fast food. Quantity over quality diminishes any appeal for this or any genre

  2. Used to be a fan of Hawick Lau and now I’m practically avoiding his drama because it’s almost always automatically bad or mediocre at best :(

  3. My reading skills don’t run to fancypants fonts … is that 莽荒纪? I think it is, but I’m so deplorably illiterate. English titles are so wildly unrelated to actual titles these days, they don’t help at all. I actually kinda wanna read that, if it’s Desolate Era. It looks pretty D&D.

    • Yep. The Chinese title is 莽荒纪. I haven’t read it so I wouldn’t be able to tell you much above and beyond that but very much agreed on fancy Chinese fonts. They can be hard. :)

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