Somebody kindly explain what comets have to do with the plot of this drama.

The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has released more character posters.  Starring Wang LikunJoe ChengAllen TingHe YanniZhang XiaolongBai BingXiong Naijin, Xia MinghaoHe JianzeMuqi Miya, and Li Zhengyang, those who liked the styling in the original images can take a look at more.

More posters below the cut (WARNING: SPOILERS at the bottom.).

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Miao Qianqian’s aristocratic family was conspired against by her husband, the prime minister Gu Qinghong.  However, she was saved by the prince of Liang, Xiao Fengqing, and took on the name Nie Wushuang.

Xiao Fengming tried to resolve some of his younger brother’s preoccupations by ordering Nie Wushuang to return to the palace and thus the three of them became intertwined.  Through many incidents, both Xiao Fengqing and Nie Wushuang learn to give up their hatred and sacrifice for the greater good.

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