Much anticipated sequel to Nirvana in Fire enters pre-production


Exciting news for all Nirvana in Fire fans: the sequel is coming!

Casting director Wei Wei – whom many may remember as the messenger Tong Lu -recently confirmed on Weibo that The Wind Blows in Changlin 琅琊榜之凤起长林, the sequel to acclaimed drama Nirvana in Fire has finally entered pre-production, and is slated to start filming in November. It is unknown whether the script is still in the works, though with this announcement I am assuming the team already has a final draft.


The Changlin Army, created by Jingyan in remembrance of Mei Changsu / Lin Shu.

I’m more inclined to call it a spin-off rather than a proper sequel, because there is no continuous story to tell when Mei Changsu, who is undoubtedly the heart of the show, dies on the battlefield. Producer Hou Hongliang also confirmed through interviews earlier this year that the spin-off will probably feature a fresh cast playing brand new characters, and only Langya Hall and its various rankings would remain.

The Wind Blows in Changlin is set to be a “super web drama” that will broadcast exclusively on streaming giant iQiyi, currently home to over 10 million VIP users who pay monthly subscription fees for immediate access to all dramas and movies. Despite the possible change in format, it will still be produced by the original crew behind Nirvana in Fire, led by directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue and screenwriter Hai Yan.

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    • You must be kidding, she is the original author who then turned her story into a superb film! I would watch anything she wrote and would be sooooo unhappy if she wasn’t screenwriter on everything she writes.

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