Song of Phoenix checks into rehab

The only complaint I have is the costumes are so ornate that it’s getting hard trying to distinguish the social hierarchy.

Song of Phoenix 思美人 is currently being checked into a mental institution for anorexia and laxative abuse after being stabilized.  Starring Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Qiao Zhenyu, Yiyang Qianxi, Du Chun, Liu Yun, Lan Xi , Lee Hyunjae, Yin Zhusheng, Fu Yiwei, and Wang Yuelun, on the bright side, the costumes and sets are pretty.

More stills below the cut.

6 thoughts on “Song of Phoenix checks into rehab

  1. It would be nice if you were more direct in your posts about this drama rather than confusing people with these silly allusions to diarrhea and anorexia and laxatives and whatnot. Those that don’t know any better would seriously wonder if the cast was sick or something and why you aren’t giving more details about it. It’s tiresome enough having to tolerate your constant complaints about the costumes in every drama you report on. It’s great that you contribute to this blog and that’s appreciated but maybe try to loosen up a bit?

    • Thanks for letting me know that the titles were getting a bit confusing. I will definitely try to keep that in mind going into the future.

      As for the comments about the costumes, thank you for bringing it to my attention. You are the first one that has said anything in this regard. I feel I have pointed out positives about costuming on when I see them but I am getting the feeling that maybe it is not as often as you would like to see. It’s just that often, I have not read the original materials the dramas are based off of and do not feel qualified to write too much about the story or anything else since I do not want to mislead people. However, if I completely strip my posts of every bit of personal opinion I have, they tend to look more repetitive and mass-produced than they already do.

      I do try to limit my statements often with phrases like “In my opinion” especially since I sometimes do like to give my blunt and honest opinion. On the other hand, since you chose the word “tolerate,” it seems like you have been upset with this for quite some time and maybe that’s not appreciated. I will try to keep this in mind in case I do get more feedback in the future saying it is getting to be a problem; however, if people do not agree with my opinion, everyone is free to voice their own thoughts like you have in a constructive manner.

      • As an alternative opinion, in no way meant to invalidate the opinion given above by Lilly, I thought this post was funny. I have the context of previous posts about this drama to inform me on the tone, though. I’m especially amused by the funny and sometimes a bit snide comments in your photo captions. It must be difficult to come up with new things to say about a drama when the only new material released is a set of images. I enjoy your writing style and your contributions a great deal!

        • Thanks for letting me know. It’s nice to get feedback so I can know what I should continue doing as well. :)

          • I love your captions too! They never fail to make me laugh. You have a great sense of humor, so you’re definitely “loosened up” enough to me. Keep up the fantastic work!

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