Ice Fantasy posters, thoughts so far?

… and so… the fellowship of ice and fire begins…

Ice Fantasy posters this week. What are your thoughts of the episodes released so far?  Starring Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, Wang Duo, and Madina Memet… despite thinking that there are certain advances that have been made in terms of production, I have a really hard time actually sitting through this drama and resisting the urge to click through scenes once I reach my limit… >.<

More stills below the cut.

10 thoughts on “Ice Fantasy posters, thoughts so far?

  1. I love fairy tales! Cheers to the writer, the cast, the producers the set directors, the artists and the technicians!

  2. i’m not feeling it at all. :( it takes me forever to get through an episode because i keep pausing and going off to do other stuff.

  3. To be honest, the CGI in the first 2 episodes didn’t really bother me that much as everyone is saying. I think what bothered me were the children’s white wigs on episode 1, LOL those were horrible. Anyways i’m currently on episode 6 and i can honestly say this will be my new obsession this summer <3 Can't wait to see more Ma Tian Yu in future episodes!

  4. I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far. There’s a baby gunblade for Squall Liluohart, there’s a Battlecat with wings, there are wigs so intensely dubious as to be comedic (the Fire tribe loves unreasonable levels of pompadour), and half the characters are high on the Spice. As usual these days, the fight scenes are all flowing robes, wires, and turbulent camerawork. You really have to be in the mood for this show; so far it’s good enough to exploit the proper mood, but not quite good enough to create that mood outright, if you take my meaning. If you ARE in the mood, it’s pretty darned entertaining so far. Feng Shao Feng is working this fairy prince bit for all it’s worth. Maybe a bit more hilarious than it was intended to be, but lots of fun!

    • It’s really hard for me to watch this… I feel like they are trying to do too much in such a limited amount of time that things don’t exactly come out with enough depth to be convincing to me…

  5. I’ve only had time to watch the first episode so far, but um… can we talk about Jiang Chao’s hair???? How did they possibly make him look so unattractive? e_e;

    • Unfortunately, I think I am finding that a lot of the costuming that looked okay in the stills don’t translate to the same degree of attractiveness in action… :(

  6. I was disappointed at first with the editing. The cuts and special effects were not polished. I was expecting Hua Qian Gu caliber editing – but many scenes looked poorly done. I read that it’s the most expensive drama of all time or something, so I would think the money would’ve been put to better use.

    With that being said – as I got to Episode 6,I have to say the story is pretty fantastic. I understand why the Novel was a best seller. The pace of the story is good, we’ve already covered so much in only 6 episodes. So many love triangles brewing lol!

    Also, the soundtrack is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This can be one of the best OST’s of the year. Not only did they get Jay Chou, but Victoria Song’s “Li Lou” song is a masterpiece! And the ending song “Heart” by Cindy Yen – they need to release the FULL SONG, I can’t just stand the 1:30 minute version!!! I need to download the full song!

    Overall, I am quite satisfied. From the trailers I have hope that the editing and effects get better from here on out. The story is captivating. I can’t wait for new episodes – why can’t they release more episodes per week (it’s a 62 ep drama after all)!

    I had been watching Mystic Nine for Zhao Liying, but the story is getting boring now that they’re entering the stupid tomb. Ice Fantasy has already become my fav drama out right now, until maybe this weekend when Zhu Xian is released lol!

    Two of the hottest/most anticipated dramas of the year being released at the same time – what on Earth is Hunan thinking?? They should finish Ice Fantasy first by releasing many episodes a day, and then run through Zhu Xian the same way!!

    • Ice Fantasy still can’t even compete with The Mystic Nine. Btw, the novel was plagiarized. It’s just a mash-up of scenes from other scenes. Zhu Xian will defeat Ice Fantasy considering it gets more attention already and is already getting more views on Baidu. When it’s released Sunday, the ratings will reveal what people really think

      • From Baidu Rankings Ice Fantasy seems to be 2nd hottest drama right now next to Mystic Nine. But Mystic Nine took many weeks to get there (they were like 6th before Zhao Li Ying (aka: Ratings Queen) showed up in episode 9). Ice Fantasy has been out for a few days.

        I’m a huge fan of ZLY so I definitely want her to have the hottest drama of the year like last year with Hua Qian Gu. So I hope Zhu Xian will do very well!

        I do think Ice Fantasy will surpass Mystic Nine eventually (due to the International Attention, Fantasy Genre, and Novel fans) – which is why I want Zhu Xian to do well :) so ZLY can still be the Queen!

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