More posters for Beauties in the Closet

IMO… at least the costuming looks like it’s from the Tang dynasty. Many times, I have been promised a Tang dynasty drama and ended up with what looked like period clothing had a bad accident with corny Halloween costumes…

Beauties in the Closet 柜中美人 has released more posters.  Starring Chen YaoHu Bingqing, Vic ChouHan Dong, and Chen Ruoxuan, those who enjoyed the embroidery and costuming can get a better look here.  Sorry but no Vic Chou in these.

More stills below the cut.

3 thoughts on “More posters for Beauties in the Closet

  1. I REALLY like the styling and costuming here. It’s colorful, but style-wise really fits theTang Dynasty…with the clothes, the makeup, the hair, pretty on point. Plus the colors and embroidery are gorgeous and for once the visual texture of the cloth and clothes look really high-quality and real. A lot of other period dramas tend to go with cloth that texture-wise looks like cosplay material with the thin layer and shiny-fake-cloth-plasticy-look. This looks nice and you know…textured. Not too interested in the plot, but I love HBQ and Sebrina, and the styling is pure pretty so definitely anticipating this.

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