Ice Fantasy releases last barrage of promos before airing


Cherry blossoms and (B)romance are a perfect match.

After all the coverage on Ice Fantasy, I do plan on checking out the first few episodes. Considering the writer’s previous works, I’ll be going in with no expectations, so all it needs to do is string together a semi-coherent story. The first two episodes will air tomorrow at 10pm (Sunday 24th in China).

Teasers and new stills below the cut.

Newly released behind-the-scenes footage feature Feng Shaofeng as Ka Suo and Victoria Song Qian as Li Luo, and what they say at the end of each clip does a pretty good job of summarising their character. Ying Kongshi (Ma Tianyu) tells Ka Suo he’ll “keep the promise” and help him “regain freedom”, while the more outspoken Yan Da (Zhang Meng) confidently says that that there is “no good and bad in the Fire Clan – the winner takes all.” The newly released 3 minute teaser showcases some pretty good CGI, and hopefully the same quality translates to the actual drama.

A series of Hunan TV promos can be found here, here and here.

Character Promos: Lian Ji, Lan Shang,

I never wanted to be the Ice King. Not then, not now, not ever.”

I am the guardian of the human world. I live to protect you.”





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