Realm of Love: Long Ballad to be released

I like how balanced everything looks. There’s enough color and decorating to keep me interested but not to the point where I feel that I am watching a peacock mating ritual… also the patterns used are mostly characteristic for the era based on what I can see…

Realm of Love: Long Ballad 秀丽江山 长歌行 is preparing to air July 21st. Starring Ruby LinYuan HongKenny Kwan, Mao ZijunLi JiahangWang YuankeZong FengyanYu BoDai Junzhu, and Wang Yu, those who have been waiting on this one don’t have much longer to wait.

More stills below the cut.

2 thoughts on “Realm of Love: Long Ballad to be released

  1. So glad the costumes are not cosplay style with lace and european influences. And no characters with white hair!

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