Not Li Shen and Li Qin.
Not Li Shen and Li Qin.

Last seen battling the illegal drug trade in Hua Kai Ban Xia 花开半夏 together, Li Qin and Lin Shen team up again in Undercover 卧底归来. Lin Shen plays an undercover cop set to infiltrate a drug cartel. He gains the cartel’s trust and becomes the bodyguard of its leader’s daughter (Li Qin).  They are joined by Zhang Jiayi, Liu Yijun, Fu Jing (the very model of perfection in her role in Educated Youth), and Zhai Tianlin.

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3 thoughts on “Li Qin, Lin Shen fight drugs again in Undercover”

  1. Thanks!

    I first knew this drama at another blog. I so want to watch it but there is no release date neither tv station yet.
    LI Qin is working with huge names right now hopefully she will get famous so this drama can have a chance.

    1. Lin Shen and mommy doesn’t have a good record of selling (or producing of late) dramas. Neither does Li Qin. Hopefully Zhang Jiayi could seal the deal.

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