The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors releases filming pictures

Please tell me what outer space has to do with the plot…

The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has released images during filming.  Starring Wang LikunJoe ChengAllen TingHe YanniZhang XiaolongBai BingXiong Naijin, Xia MinghaoHe JianzeMuqi Miya, and Li Zhengyang, I guess I’ll gripe about the costumes here.  What is with the circlets… and the costumes… I am taking that this is supposed to be more of a “fantasy inspired” drama in a some-what historical setting kind of like Game of Thrones but probably lacking a bit here and there…

Anyways, more below the cut… and more of my rant in case you are interested… >.<

I sometimes have a hard time linking the costuming in Game of Thrones to the original setting in inspired setting which seems to be medieval England.  Even the costuming in that production doesn’t seem completely historically accurate but then it’s set in more of a “fantasy realm.”   I mean correct me if I’m wrong and just inappropriately ranting and I know there are a lot of fans of the series out there… but the some of the clothing and styling for the female characters especially in King’s Landing seems a bit “hanfu inspired” in the way they come together and I haven’t been able to find evidence of historical Western clothing that came together that way (In terms of the “outer layer” that they wear: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)…  In fact, I have a bit of trouble sometimes matching some of the clothing in that series to what was actually worn in medieval England where it seems to be inspired from.  If you are able to find anything, please link the pictures or whatever evidence in the comments because this has been bugging me for a while… It just seems like some productions take the inspiration to the point of making the clothes hard to recognize from the original historical setting… XD

It just seems a bit like this production with some of the costumes is taking some of the take-what-you-like-and-leave-the-rest mentality towards some of the costumes…

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  1. Question: Why should the costumes in GoT be “medieval England”? They are not meant to be so I think your rant is – um, kinda pointless?
    It is true that GRRM used the Rose Wars and other historical occurences as inspiration for Westeros, but only as far as politics, geography, heraldry and the level of technology go. The rest of the world building is pure fantasy – it was never meant to be a “historical setting”. If there are people who label it as such, they are either doing it for marketing purposes (“medieval” is more accessible and serious-sounding than “fantasy”) or because they simply have no idea what they are talking about.
    The descriptions of the costumes in the novels are culture-specific and historically ambiguous, for example “doublet” (used quite a lot by GRRM for male clothing) can refer to any item of real historic outer clothing from the 14th to the 18th century….
    => the costuming department of the TV series had a lot of freedom and they decided to go with Persian/Turk influences for King’s Landing – which might explain the silks and asymmetrical cuts:
    That, combined with medieval bliauts creates the typical look of the capital’s fashion:

    • Thanks for the information. I only keep tabs on the series now and again and a lot of the sources I have read like wikipedia and stuff describe the setting as more medieval and a lot of the inspirations seem to come from around that time as well, which is why I was asking for clarification. That would explain why I was more like… huh… well some of the costuming doesn’t really seem medieval… I think I’m seeing stuff from everywhere here…

      Anyways, my rant was originally to show that even some more famous series such as GOT may draw from other sources for costuming, despite the original inspiration or setting being more of a “medieval-esque” backdrop. Some of the fashion in that series can go all over the place sometimes as well. Therefore, maybe we should be allowing more room when discussing other productions especially when they have a similarly or even more flexible backdrop.

      • My take on it: If a show does not label itself “historical” then the only standards I am going to measure its costuming against are consistency, coherence and thoughtfulness/attention to details.
        That’s why the white-greyish dress in the fourth picture above is a little jarring, because the style looks so different. Solutian A: So, is she from a different culture? Is there a whole background that is being created for this dress to make sense? Solution B (unfortunately, more likely): Did someone simply take a modern wedding dress and add a fantasy collar?

  2. I’m not objecting, per se, but is one of these ladies *meant* to be a torch singer? Live at the Coconut Club?

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