Well this is rare…

Realm of Love: Long Ballad 秀丽江山 长歌行 has changed their air date to July 21st from July 26th. Starring Ruby LinYuan HongKenny Kwan, Mao ZijunLi JiahangWang YuankeZong FengyanYu BoDai Junzhu, and Wang Yu, it’s nice to see a drama changing to an earlier release date after being accustomed to dramas being pushed back… wonder if it has anything to do with catching the media storm about Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo…  anyhoo… new trailer below.

More stills and a teaser below the cut.


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2 thoughts on “Realm of Love: Long Ballad changes dates… for a closer one”

  1. ……. I don’t really like how overrated ruby Lin is….. But I’ll try to bear it for yuan Hong……

  2. This looks good but very complicated – I’m thinking I’ll definitely need subs for this one.

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