Someone who's read the novel tell me they actually get married and this photo and the scenes aren't just clickbait.
Someone who’s read the novel tell me they actually get married and the wedding scenes in the trailer aren’t just clickbait.

Han Lei lends his soulful voice to the theme song for Love is More Than a Word 识汝不识丁, which I kind of gave up on after the trailer but might watch given their good taste in theme songs. Meanwhile, may I recommend Han Lei’s other famous BL song,  Who will remember you (link is not fanvideo but actual snippet of drama).

While there’s still no news of a streaming date yet, the production team and leads have already started filming a “sequel”, ‘Till Death Tears Us Apart, a Republican-era drama based on the novel of the same name. The team’s also planning on a fantasy bl drama….

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5 thoughts on “Han Lei sings for Love is More Than a Word”

  1. Wow the song is so nice. Not convince about the BL aspect though and the acting either but will put it on my watch if I have time list (still need to finish ode to joy and waiting for Storms of Prophecy)

    1. There isn’t ;b It’s just frequently joked that the song is super ship-y given that it’s sung from the point of view of Liu Che to Wei Qing. “You gave me one smile and my heart beats for a lifetime. You made my eyes forever locked onto your silhouette. “

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