The stills do get a bit better… just click below the cut to see…

The Legend of Kaifeng has released a couple better stills.  Starring Huang Weide, Zhang Meng, Gan Tingting, Jiang Chao, Winston Chao, and Qi Ku , I am still a bit iffy on this drama but I guess I feel a little better…?

More stills below the cut.

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2 thoughts on “The Legend of Kaifeng makes some improvements to stills”

    1. It looks like it – I think there were already rumours/ news reports about it a while ago.

      I really don’t understand why adorable, utterly cute and beautiful Chinese actresses goes and gets plastic surgery. Zheng Shuang is probably the best example of someone who should have not got surgery and now looks horrible compared to before (although I think putting on some weight recently has helped her get back closer to how she used to look).

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