Ice Fantasy promises to burn up the summer with new posters


All the costumes and styling scream Chinese Lord of the Rings.

I swear Ice Fantasy’s promotion rounds have been going on since forever, so here’s to hoping it will live up to expectations when it airs on July 24th (2 episodes each on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). Based on the bestselling novel by Guo Jingming, the adaption stars Feng Shaofeng, Victoria Song Qian, Ma Tianyu and Zhang Meng.

Ice Fantasy borrows heavily from the Classic of Mountains and Seas to create a fantasy world with two warring clans. The drama specifically focuses on the enduring brotherhood between Ka Suo (Feng Shaofeng) and Ying Kongshi (Ma Tianyu), and how their love for each other ultimately overpowers all evil. Song Qian is the guardian of the human world Li Luo, while Zhang Meng plays an original character Yan Da, created specifically to beef up the story and add some romantic angst.

Ice Fantasy is directed by Ju Jueliang and Zou Jicheng (the pair also did Wallace Chung’s The Stand-In) and written by Shen Zhining (Love Yunge From the Desert).


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  1. Let this mark that fateful drama that brought Legolas headgears into Chinese fantasy T_T It’s been popping up on everyone’s heads since this drama started filming.

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