Jay Chou, A-mei duet for Ice Fantasy

By the way they have been going with images, some should definitely consider an official calendar with pictures…

More stills and theme songs by Jay Chou, A-mei, and Cindy Yen from Ice Fantasy this week.  Starring Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, Wang Duo, and Madina Memet, those looking forward to this drama should probably start praying hard for a release date.
Series goes all out with an opening theme by Jay Chou and A-mei below and an ending one by Cindy Yen here:

7 thoughts on “Jay Chou, A-mei duet for Ice Fantasy

    • Rule #1 of Chinese, especially Hunan, TV release dates: You never know what’s going to air when even if they announce an official date (which I don’t think this one has … last I heard, the producer of Chusen’s still fighting for the slot). :(

      • It’s been decided and announced and set already. I’m actually part Chinese… and I know that release dates are iffy. But, for now, the release date is July 18th and July 17th for Zhu Xian. It’s been announced for a couple weeks now, and they’re even said they’re going ahead with those dates.

        • Release dates can always change the week or even days before the scheduled day, especially for Hunan TV since it has an overflow of dramas. As expected, Ice Fantasy has now been scheduled for July 24th instead.

        • I think ZhuXian is airing in the same time slot of Ice Fantasy, so since Ice Fantasy got it’s official date today, Zhuxian will probably be delayed until at least September.
          The issue with especially Hunan TV’s summer slots is that it’s so good that drama uses it to bluff, and execs will fly to Hunan to fight for the slots. Before Decoded aired, Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground was advertised to air. Then there were rumors flying around about Stay With Me airing. Sparrow even began advertising on TV (with no official date) before Decoded popped out of nowhere and clinched the official announcement days before it aired.

        • I generally like to wait until promotional materials with the date on it start popping up… because to me that usually means there is some sort of commitment going on already… but I have seen times when dates on promotional materials don’t hold through so even that isn’t always a guarantee… DX

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