Jay Chou, A-mei duet for Ice Fantasy

By the way they have been going with images, some should definitely consider an official calendar with pictures…

More stills and theme songs by Jay Chou, A-mei, and Cindy Yen from Ice Fantasy this week.  Starring Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, Wang Duo, and Madina Memet, those looking forward to this drama should probably start praying hard for a release date.
Series goes all out with an opening theme by Jay Chou and A-mei below and an ending one by Cindy Yen here:


Stills for The Legend of Condor Heroes

Those who tired of overly-colorful costumes and sets can probably give this a go.

The latest remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes has released more stills.  Starring Zeng Li as Li Ping, Li Zonghan as Yang Tiexin, Shao Bing as Guo Xiaotian, Liu Qianhan as Bao Xiruo and Mi Lu as Mei Chaofeng.

More stills below the cut.