Fighter of the Destiny begins filming

In the case of some of these more recent dramas, I really wish they took the money from making pretty character posters and re-allocated it to the actual production or costumes… since some things still… just look off to me… DX

Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 has started filming.  Starring Lu HanGulnazarWu QianYao DiZeng ShunxiXu LingyueJu XianhaoZhang JunzhuGao HanyuChen Shu, and Eric Tsang, this seems to be based on the novel of the same name by Mao Ni.

More stills below the cut.

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  1. With the exception of LuHan, this seems like another cos-play production with Chinese actors plopped into a quasi-European themed drama.

      • I believe the comments were based more on the costuming, first impressions, and personal opinions. Since you seem to have a bit more knowledge about what the original series was about, perhaps you can give everybody here some insight in order to help us to better understand the series for those of us who haven’t read the books.

        • To reply for the person above the novel which seems to be adapting into a tv series or something is a novel known as ze tian ji. Its a decent novel about a young teenager who seems like scholarly type due to his vast knowledge and intelligence but he starts off with no cultivation while others are at the first, second or the real top geniuses are at the third stage of cultivation already so he is looked down upon as being essentially trash. Seeing as he lives in a world where strength or rather the depth of cultivation majorly decides the worth of a person and due to the fact that he is engaged to the number one talented female of his generation (which he had no say in because it was decided before his birth) he isn’t well liked by most of his generation. He grew up raised by a taoist priest who once saved the life of Xu You Rong grandfather thus creating the engagement promise that would involve Chen Chang Sheng the mc and Xu You Rong (main female lead?) who weren’t even alive yet when that promise was made if I remember correctly. So the novel starts with the mc leaving the taoist temple place to head to the capital to break off the engagement because he is sick and dying slowly so he doesn’t want to make Xu You Rong a widow and wants to focus on finding ways to extend his life. When he gets there his in laws especially his mother in law treats him like a pest (even the family servants don’t like him much) that wants to get as many benefits as possible from hugging the thigh of their family (Chinese idiom meaning to leach off them to gain status in a nutshell) plus he has no cultivation so the family find him to be a toad wanting to eat swan meat (Another Chinese idiom for those who don’t know it means for an undesirable and worthless man who tries to gain the affection of a talented and beautiful women). So while he has been forced to mature faster than most seeing as the people around him have the talent to live hundreds of years allowing them to have lavish childhoods ( granted they had to work hard to cultivate they really weren’t required to do anything to hard) while his body’s sickness has left him with about twenty years to live and he is already fourteen-fifteen so he has about five to six more years left before he dies if he can’t somehow find a way to extend his life span and he as pinned his hope on getting first in the grand exam hosted at the capital. He is offended and decided to wait until the mother in law apologise before he will bother to end the engagement which only he can do because he has the official engagement document with him or something. Also his fiancee is god knows where at some secluded place near or within her sect leaving him to sort out his problem while being pressured by all sorts of people of higher status. He is one of two people of the younger generation that has completely memorized some important scripture that most cultivators find too deep, lengthy and complex to bother to throughly contemplate or memorize word for word. So he is often more knowledgeable and wise even when compared to people that have lived and cultivated for decades or centuries. He is recognised by a few people for his intellect. Due to this teaching talent of his he starts to teach cultivation before he even starts to cultivate himself. He becomes the teacher to the princess of the yao another race that exists in their world that are allied to the human cultivators. Their mutual enemy is the third major faction the demon race. These three races are the most focused on and I am not to sure what other races there are except the dragon race that have long since vanished except the one the mc meets. Granted I have only read about 200 chapters of the story so I have no idea if more races are introduced or if more dragons appear so what I stated isn’t anything absolute. He was forced into joining the traditional academy that has no students, no teacher and no principal so he essentially becomes all of those. He sot of becomes the teacher of the yao princess, some other yao guy that was injured in a fight and some decent genius who is liked and loved by women to the point that he has come to hate them. People like the novel and consider it fresh in comparison the other xianxia, xianhuan, etc that claim has “poor character development that is so one dimensional and often have sociopathic main characters that start meaningless slaughter whenever oppressed”. The novel is slow paced in comparison thus it can be said that its characters are some what more developed. Due to this difference in pace and development it is well received by the translator and leacher community on the internet including the people without a great thirst for bloodshed and or a have a lack of understanding of traditional and modern Chinese values that often complain about such issues in other novels due to their personal opinions and perspectives on morals and choices often forgetting that our morals don’t really apply in such a world. The novel is a bit more complex than this but I think I covered the main points and you can always search up Ze Tian Ji chapter 1 and read up till like chapter 19X something I am not sure. If you understand Chinese you can read the Chinese text version thats further ahead because its the official author posting on Qidian if you have an account and can support the author if you like his/her novel. Well I hope you gained whatever insight you wanted from this I tried to be vague but still cover some of the main parts of the story. But don’t worry he doesn’t stay weak forever he just sort of cultivated oddly because he didn’t need to purify his body which was already pure (purification or the first stage of cultivation) and by trying to break through the first stage he was unknowingly preparing his body to break through a higher stage so he becomes decently strong within his generation in the novel around chapter 130-140.

        • I’m more concerned about the poster’s namecalling those who don’t share his/her sentiment about the series. I suspect it has anything to do with one of the actors, but I hope I am wrong.

          • Well… everybody is human and slips up every now and again. I thought I would entertain the benefit of the doubt and point out that by using the phrase “it seems like,” you are usually expressing a personal opinion with a bit of uncertainty. That means there is an opportunity to constructively provide more information and express yourself and your opinions and maybe help everybody understand something for the better and even change our original opinions.

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