Leading ladies confirmed for Jin Dong and Wallace Chung’s respective dramas


A drama led by two acting powerhouses.

First off, production has begun for Daylight Entertainment’s new medical drama The Surgeon 外科风云. Jin Dong (The Disguiser) was confirmed last year as the cold and secretive cardiothoracic surgeon Zhuang Shu, while Bai Baihe (Chongqing Hot Pot) will be playing his love interest Lu Chenxi, a former cardio surgeon who has been “demoted” to the emergency department.

All that’s been revealed so far is that an accident that happened 29 years ago will threaten to tear them apart, although given writer Zhu Zhu’s track record (Grow Up, Distance to Love), I am sure we’ll also get an insightful exploration on related social issues. Costars include Li Jiahang, Liu Yijun, Lan Yingying and Chin Shi-chieh.

Wallace Chung is set to star in drama Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way 一路繁华相送, based on the novel of the same name by Qingshan Luotuo 青衫落拓. It is marketed as a “heart-warming pure romance” novel about first loves reuniting, and if the production company has hired a good screenwriter, we’ll hopefully be seeing less of the crazy plots that seem to characterise most of the romance dramas these days (*cough* The Interpreter ).

Jiang Shuying, who is currently hitting it out of the park with her performance in To Be A Better Man, has been tapped as the female lead. This will also be Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan‘s debut performance in a Mainland drama. Filming is expected to commence on June 26th.


9 thoughts on “Leading ladies confirmed for Jin Dong and Wallace Chung’s respective dramas

  1. I love Maggie and I just love that she’s getting more attention now! The drama sounds interesting but still not quite sure since Wallace Chung & Aaron Yan as the male leads don’t appeal to my senses… please don’t kill me, Wallace and Aaron fangirls/fanboys 🙈😂

  2. Agree with your comment about The Interpreter. it started with a very amazing character of male and female lead, and ended so bad that make me regret my 42 hours that i spend for this drama.
    Booooooo to the writer!
    Can’t wait for Bai BaiHe and JingDong new drama ^^

    • Agree – the first half was really good and interesting and then the second half was all downhill. Ended up fast forwarding most of it.

      • Despite its good utility and necessity, it’s hard to spin the interpreting and translating yarn for over 40 episodes. Unlike medical drama which may have acute life-threatening cases, or legal drama that might have serious crime connections. To make the series and topic more interesting, they spend a huge budget on Yang Mi’s wardrobe, nice cinematography work, shooting in Zurich. After they run out of interesting material, they fall back on the usual annoying overbearing mother issue, evil relatives.

        • I hear they will be making a sequel to The Interpreters. Next time they will focus on the Korean language. I’m not sure who the actors will be. Or if they will have evil relatives again. Are there a lot of people interested in watching highly unreasonable, overbearing TV mothers out there still? We have seen that kind for over 20 years now. I’m surprised we are still there. Huang Xuan has had 2 horrible TV moms 2 series in a row this year already and it’s still only June. The Imperial Doctress is his other series.

      • To be fair to the scriptwriters, the second half is closer to the original than the first half … In the original, the two leads met when he was disappointed by the 2nd female lead’s engagement and so he decided to drown his sorrow by having sex with a virgin, the solution to all your problems (Cheng Jiayang, have you considered a frog instead?) And that’s the least problematic thing of his character.

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