Department Six to be released

With the amount of dramas waiting for release or airing, this is going to be me sometime in the future.

Department Six has released more stills and will be releasing on June 20th.  Starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, Alex Fong, Ying Haoming, Guo Ruixi, Huang Wenhao, He Zhonghua, and Li Dongheng, those looking for a Ming dynasty drama can probably look forward to this… and the 25-minute trailer to spoil just about everything… here (You have been warned!)

More stills below the cut.


2 thoughts on “Department Six to be released

    • … pretty much… but now I know I can click on with ease if it starts becoming unwatchable since I can always try to refer to this “trailer” to find out what is going on… XD

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