Everyone’s had a pig-headed classmate in their youth…(you’ll get this if you watch the trailer)

So Young 2: Never Gone 致青春:原来你还在这里 is a romance film based on the novel of the same name by Xin Yiwu (辛夷坞). The film stars Liu Yifei as the struggling student Su Yunjin and Kris Wu Yifan as the high school genius Cheng Zheng who takes a liking to her.

Minor spoilers below the cut.

When the gentle and quiet Su Yunjin starts to reciprocate Cheng Zheng’s feelings, their widely different personalities and social status eventually breaks the youths apart. Coincidentally, they meet each other again in the workforce, and get entangled in each other’s lives once again.

Co-stars include Jin ShijiaLi Qin, Li Meng, Hao Shaowen and Kimi Qiao Renliang.

Never Gone is set to hit cinemas on July 8th.



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7 thoughts on “Youth romance film Never Gone releases trailer”

  1. I clicked in thinking that it was Eddie Peng on the poster! Anyway, yay can’t wait for this movie to be available. Loved the novel and can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out on screen. They will probably screw it up due to the lack of time for backstory in a movie but I’ll forgive them for such yummy eye candy :P

    1. I’ve never really liked the high school romance genre, but I actually feel like reading XYW’s original after seeing the trailer. xD

        1. I really admire bloggers that translate novels, simply because it takes so much time and effort (can you tell I attempted to and failed? :p) Xin Yiwu’s novels have been collecting dust in my hard drive – about time I gave it a chance. :)

          1. Oh I definitely know. Translating novels, doing recaps – all these are so tough and time consuming! I’ve failed a couple of times myself :p You should read it soon, I’m pretty sure the movie would make more sense and be more enjoyable for those who actually read the novel xD

            1. I finally had time to read the original, and I was pretty disappointed with the story in general. Can’t deny that Xin Yiwu has a way with words though. :)

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