22nd Magnolia Awards

Congratulations to the big winners of the night!

The Magnolia Awards is held in conjunction with the Shanghai Television Festival, home to one of East Asia’s biggest television markets. Magnolia Awards is recognised as one of the most prestigious television awards alongside the Golden Eagle and Flying Apsaras, though it cannot seem to make up its mind on the number of categories (the current format began last year).

Full list of nominees, winners and red carpet pictures are below the cut.

Overall, the awards were spread evenly among the candidates, and it was no surprise that Hu Ge won Best Actor, given his string of critically and commercially successful dramas last year. The jury panel commented that his performance in Nirvana in Fire allowed him to “complete the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly”, which is a nice tie-in to the imagery shown in the opening theme.

Congratulations are also in for Legend of Mi Yue, as Sun Li takes home the Best Actress award for the second time (the first being for her performance in Hot Mom! 辣妈正传) while Liu Tao receives Best Supporting Actress. Despite the great performances put in by the main actors, I personally do not see anything in the story that makes Mi Yue worthy of being crowned Best Drama.

Television Series

Best Television Series:

  • Tiger Mom 虎妈猫爸
  • The Journey of Flower 花千骨
  • Drama Theatre 剧场
  • Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜
  • Legend of Mi Yue 芈月传
  • Once Upon a Time in TsingTao 青岛往事
  • The Young Marshal 少帅
  • The Disguiser 伪装者
  • Two Families from Wenzhou 温州两家人
  • In the Silence 于无声处

Best Actor:

  • Hu Ge, Nirvana in Fire
  • Wallace Huo, The Journey of Flower
  • Jin Dong, The Disguiser
  • Li Xuejian, The Young Marshal
  • Tong Dawei, Tiger Mom

Best Actress:

  • Song Jia, The Young Marshal
  • Sun Li, Legend of Mi Yue
  • Yan Ni, Wang Dahua’s Revolutionary Career 王大花的革命生涯
  • Zhao Liying, The Journey of Flower
  • Zhao Wei, Tiger Mom

Best Director:

  • Kong Sheng and Li Xue, Nirvana in Fire
  • Yan Jiangang, In the Silence
  • Yao Xiaofeng, Tiger Mom
  • Zhang Li, The Young Marshal
  • Zheng Xiaolong, Legend of Mi Yue

Best Screenwriter:

  • Gao Mantang, Li Tao and Qu Yilin, Two Families from Wenzhou
  • Hai Yan, Nirvana in Fire
  • Jiang Qitao, The Young Marshal
  • Shen Jie, Tiger Mom
  • Zhang Yong, The Disguiser

Best Supporting Actor:

  • Han Tongsheng, Tiger Mom
  • Liu Yijun, The Disguiser
  • Wang Kai, Nirvana in Fire
  • Zhang Luyi, Love Me If You Dare
  • Zhao Lixin, In the Silence

Best Supporting Actress:

  • Dong Jie, Tiger Mom
  • Liu Mintao, Nirvana in Fire
  • Liu Tao, Legend of Mi Yue
  • Liu Yan, The Young Marshal
  • Wang Ou, The Disguiser

Best Foreign Television Miniseries: No Second Chance (France)

Best Foreign Television Series: Game of Thrones (America)


Best Seasonal Variety Show: Super Brain Season 3 (Jiangsu TV)

Best Variety Show: Chinese Poetry Conference 中国诗词大会 (CCTV)



Best Serial Documentary: Shark (England)

Best Documentary: Tora’s Family – 22 years story (Japan)


Best Animation: Stick Man (England)

Best Script: One Punch-Man (Japan)



Click here for all the red carpet pictures.

Source: (1)(2), Weibo (refer to watermarks)

10 thoughts on “22nd Magnolia Awards

  1. I have to agree with your comment about Miyue not being a great drama.

    The quality of the production, the story line, the character development wasn’t great…. Nirvana in Fire was amazing! It would have been my pick for best drama.

    I do have to say I love Sun Li, and its great too see her win.

  2. Wang Ou’s great, was awesome in Disguiser. But frankly I think Liu Min Tao DEFINITELY should have gotten something. She was great as Concubine Jing, but she was absolutely FANTASTIC as Da Jie in Disguiser. Like, she’s one of the most underappreciated, super-talented, YOUNG actresses I know. Like, she’s really not that old, middle-aged at best, yet she gets all the older, more seasoned roles. And she absolutely shines with total skill in all of those veteran roles, yet she never gets the kind of recognition or acknowledgement others get, like Liu Tao. I mean, Liu Tao’s great, but…Liu Min Tao, like an undiscovered veteran or something. All the other veterans older than her are pretty well known and have built a reputation, and LMT’s just as awesome, except she seems so much more obscure until now the past year.

      • Seriously!! The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire should have been the BEST. Legend of Miyue…I tried watching it. It’s not bad, but it’s NOT good enough to beat Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire. Also, Liu Min Tao is such in incredible actress….and she should have won.

    • The question appears in various blogs. I wonder if awards in China (like Magnolia and Flying Apsara) are similar to that in the Oscars — meaning that heavy (and costly) campaigns most likely will secure nominations and winning.

  3. I would be happy for sun Li….. But there still have not been any eng sub for the drama due to license issues so all the other ppl who are waiting for translations cannot enjoy the drama and are just stuck on a cliffhanger….. I was anticipating the drama when it came out but was sad to learn that we had to wait so I feel left out since I know little about that drama……. :(

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