The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors starts filming

Another legend… and of the over-the-top costume variety IMO… -_-;;

The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has started filming and released character posters.  I am going to wait for a comprehensive list of the main cast before putting them up with the synopsis since I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these new productions taking off.

Anyways, more posters below the cut.

8 thoughts on “The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors starts filming

  1. I love Joe Cheng, I recently watched him in Channel X and Chinese Paladin 5, He was amazing. He was excellent in both.. I am so looking forward to this new drama. The COSTUMES are really beautiful, I don’t know if they are too extravagant for this drama, but frankly who cares. I just want to enjoy it.

  2. I think the costumes are rather appealing and a nice change from the usual aggressive neons or passive pastels or subdued pale tones. It is over-the-top but I don’t find it off putting and I can appreciate the thought put into the detailing of the costumes. Is there any drama where you really liked the costumes ?

    • At this point, it is nice in contrast to other productions but I find the styling to be a bit… unrealistic for me… and kind of brings back memories of other dramas that had very extravagant costumes but rubbed me wrong like The Virtuous Queen of Han and The Empress of China whose popularity I personally believe was largely supported by Fan Bingbing’s fame as opposed to the story, adherence to written history, etc. That and I find that when the costumes reach a certain point of extravagance, they tend to have a hard time meshing well into natural environments for me… Maybe I’m too picky but so far, Nirvana in Fire has been the only one that has really made me truly happy… and possibly the yet to be released Long Ballad but I’m still waiting to see if the current projected release date will hold through to see if I will actually like it… >.<

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