Love is More Than a Word, it’s a cosplay

...this is not Meichuang Su in the snow

This is not Meichang Su in the snow

Welcome to Love is More Than a Word 识汝不识丁, China’s first major BL ancient series, also known as, let’s do a giant Nirvana in Fire cosplay.

The net series, which has just finished filming, is based on the novel of the same name and tells of a new governor who lacks both brains and polish, but is aided by his cooler-but-wiser (boy)friend and sexy-but-shady (boy?)friend. It stars newcomers Jiang Zile, Yan Zidong, Lu Zhuo, Chen Yichen, and not-so-new BL actor Kong Chuinan.

That cape is totall not ...

… that is not Xiao Jingyan in that cape

...that's totally not Princess Nihuang

…that’s totally not Princess Nihuang

... and this is really not the actress playing Prince Jing's wife.

…  this is really not the same actress as the one playing Prince Jing’s wife.

...and you, boy in blue, is definitely not Feiliu. I'm walking out.

…and you, boy in blue, are definitely not Feiliu. Okay, I’m walking out.

11 thoughts on “Love is More Than a Word, it’s a cosplay

  1. I guess I wasn’t the only one who see the nirvana in fire resemblance… The costume, the fur cloak, the snow, sitting across each other on ground tables… I mean all those shows in other drama before already but nirvana made it even bigger and better lol… My love for nirvana made me bias..

  2. LOL haha. Sad thing is, I can totally see it. The cosplay is…sadly making me not want to watch this despite wanting to see a BL drama of good quality since forever. This is supposed to be a monumental step forward for Ch-ent, but the cosplay aspect and the idol-ness and non-epic quality just makes it feel cheap and unappealing. Honestly, I wish all new productions were at the Novaland Storm of Prophecy level of epicness.

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