What the !@#$# did they do to his hand?!?

The Journey 寻找前世之旅 has begun filming, based on the novel by Vivibear (who I have heard some… erm… interesting things about).  Starring Ma KeFu Xinbo, and Kang Lei, fans of these actors can probably give this a try.

More below the cut.

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7 thoughts on “The Journey begins filming”

  1. Just googled the characters. Dying with laughter.

    A non-comprehensive list of people in love with the female lead:
    – Prince of the Heavens (Fu Xinbo)
    – a Portuguese vampire who is “the most beautiful creature in all three realms” (Ma Ke )
    -Qin Shi Huang
    -Ramesses II
    -Abe no Seimei
    -Okita Sōji
    -Countess Báthory’s son
    -Fang Xuanling’s son
    -Harun al-Rashid
    -a Viking
    -some knight
    – a Mayan priest
    – two Princes of the Underworld

    1. Well… at least it was good for something… XD On another note, I don’t know how I feel about presumably Chinese actors dressing up as over half the suitors on this list… LOL

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