Buddhist chant trailer for The Great Shaolin


With high-qualitied productions like Shaolin and  Storm of Prophecy, Zhou Yiwei seems to be en route to stardom this year.

Managing to be serene and action-packed at the same time, The Great Shaolin 少林问道 continues to stand in a league of its own with the release of the opening and an insert song MV below. The series stars Zhou Yiwei , Guo Xiaoting, and Guo Jingfei, and airs on a land channel tomorrow (aka we might never see it in HD). You can watch it live here at 7 p.m. Beijing Time every day beginning May 30th.


3 thoughts on “Buddhist chant trailer for The Great Shaolin

  1. I am almost half way through and this is one firm I just cannot stand….The story could be good but way too much yelling and poor scrip writings…..it is slow and became really boring. It is the same scene repeating the it self over and over again.

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