Seven Snail Shots that Surpass Silver Screen Standards

Number 10. This wallpaper worthy crime scene.

Number 7: This wallpaper worthy crime scene.

Creative angles and moving shots give  the When a Snail Falls in Love  trailer a film feel that I love. Here are my favorite shots and/or scenes from the trailer.

The  series is only 15 episodes and director Zhang Kaizhou promised a faster pace, better crime-solving, more combat, more soul, and less romance compared to the original. Let’s hope he delivers.  There is also a big train fight scene in Myanmar that should be a hoot.


Number 6: moving shots that are too cool for TV.

Innovative alternatives to politely asking someone to move.

Not a special shot, but  an innovative alternative to politely asking someone to move.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.18.22 AM

Number 5: Because I’m a sucker for silhouettes.

Hand combat! Haven't seen those in a long time.

Number 4: Hand combat! Haven’t seen those in a long time.


Number 3: Drones make everything seem fancier.

007-styled chasing scenes.

Number 2: 007-styled chasing scenes.

And finally …

Number 1. Creative cutting of this revelation/reenactment

Number 1:  Combined with the background music, this scene gave me chills in the trailer.

12 thoughts on “Seven Snail Shots that Surpass Silver Screen Standards

  1. That last shot reminds me of the the scene in LMIYD when Simon lays down on the table to “experience” what the victims saw. That scene gave me chills too.

    Oh, wait? Are we not starting the LMIYD comparisons yet?

    • MTE but noooo.. not yet. let’s compare it after we finish watching this one :D

      TK, your name reminds me of a character in a novel i read :P

    • I have a feeling if this succeeds, they’ll want a sequel … at which point Wang Kai can pretty much spend the rest of his life doing sequels. NIF 2, Disguiser the film, OTJ 2+3, and then Snail 2, 3, 4, 5 …

      • Nah they won’t do a sequel for Snail – there’s no book to go off (since Yu Zheng bought the last one – in which Yang Rong looks amazing in). It’s really hard to write crime.

        Is NIF 2 confirmed? Like it’s going to happen? NIF is still hands down my favourite CDrama to date (Disguiser coming in a close second).

        I’ve been dissappointed before with sequel news because they said there would be sequel for Strange Hero Yizhimei with Wallace Huo and LSS and even had filmed some of it but it never happened.

        • YZM T_T I wish they did a YZM sequel instead of the medical series since it was so much better.

          NIF2’s script is at least in the works, and the rights have been sold to TV and online streamers for unprecedented prices, so Daylight has huge incentives to finish it.

          From interviews and the casting, it seems like they’ve left out the last aka best of the four cases. Given that, they could do either a sequel or a film if it does well. Yu Zheng’s also only filming the first couple of cases of Memory Lost and is planning to do multiple seasons.

          • YZM left out a case as well – hence the sequel rumour. There were stills and costumes that were released but never actually seen in the series itself.

            Is Hai Yan doing the script for NIF 2? or at least helping out with the storyline. She’s very good at story telling but just needs someone else to translate it into a TV script.

            Leaving out the last case in Snail? I suppose they could do a movie out of it but definately not a second series. See Memory Lost can work over a few seasons because they have the overiding theme of searching for her/his memory to tie it all together. Snail does not.

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