Ni Ni in Valentino

It is a matter of constant curiosity how Ni Ni manages to look beautiful in literally anything. There’s absolutely nothing flattering about this nude Valentino dress she wore to a Warrior’s Gate event for Cannes, yet somehow when she wears it, she looks like a wood nymph.


1 thought on “Ni Ni in Valentino

  1. The same question applies to Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Shu Qi, Rihanna, and other media beauties…..right?
    I can tell from my experience of taking my own selfies that look amazing………Firstly and most importantly is the game of numbers and selection. When you take at least a hundred shots, one of them by chance at least will be stunning and beautiful. So, the ugly ones get deleted, and the pretty ones remain in the view of the public eye. So, basically what you see is never 100% reality but a small selected and carefully chosen percentage of reality – it is those selected photographs that happened to look their best. The bad ones were there too , and they could be the majority(sometimes most of them!). To make my point, I’ll exagerte the numbers. What is presented could in be only 0.1% of reality, the rest 99.9% is ugly and is deleted (but you enver see that!)

    Add to this the additional professional tools of photography: lighting, shading, and setting the right angle, and you can make them all look like the hottest women on the planet!

    On top of all of that, add the natural “no makeup” makeup and some photoshop and voila! You created the goddesses of beauty and queens of sex appeal , looking os natural and real in most photos UNTIL………..UNTIL you catch them off guard somewhere at the beach on the paparazzi picture (when you realize that they have cellulite, discolorations, weird/ugly postures, and unflattering figures in bad positions with bad lighting just like normal humans)……Some beautiful women are powerful enough to confess to that: Tyra Banks, for example. :)))

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