Stay With Me releases dubbed sneak-peak


How can we be together if you’re dubbed by someone else?

Not enough of Wang Kai in Ode to Joy?  We’re less than two months away from his upcoming series, Stay With Me! The series managed to steal the coveted Hunan TV summer slot, and before the Olympics, too, so at least we know the guys at Hunan TV like it.   Here’s a sneak-peak of the show from Mango TV, although it’s not an official trailer.  Also, don’t worry,  Wang Kai is using his own voice for the actual series, although co-stars Joe Chen and Qiao Renliang won’t.

3 thoughts on “Stay With Me releases dubbed sneak-peak

    • I don’t think any of the three are using the dubbers in this video. Joe’s being dubbed by Qiao Shiyu (Yang Mi in Gong, Zhang Tianai in Go Princess Go) and Kimi is being dubbed by Ling Zhenhe (Wang Kai in Foxes, also Zhang Tianai in Go Princess Go ;b ).

      Wang Kai and Ling Zhenhe were in the studio last week doing dubbing for the actual show, so the trailer was probably dubbed way before.

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