Song dynasty headgear, the art of turning your head into an antenna…

The Legend of Kaifeng gives us a look at the different costuming and set locations this week.  Starring Huang Weide, Zhang Meng, Gan Tingting, Jiang Chao, Winston Chao, Qi Kui, Ji Chen, Wang Wanzhong, and Zheng Siren, costume coloring seems to be either bright or bland with very little in between.

More below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “The Legend of Kaifeng shows off costuming”

    1. A similar style I think persisted into the Song dynasty but the styling does look a bit… well… you get what I mean… XD

  1. Dark glasses required when viewing the florescent pink and orange dress! Is the costume designer color-blind?

    1. It does almost look like two people with completely different coloring styles went to work here without consulting each other…

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