Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi play a couple in Sumoer

Houston, we’ve found a drama with what seems like more of a focus on other ethnic groups without tacky-looking costumes…

It seems like filming has begun for The Legend of Sumoer.  This drama seems set to follow the story of Sumalagu during the Qing dynasty.  At this point, I’m without a good source for this drama and too lazy to look into the other actors other than recognizing husband-and-wife team Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi but here’s lots of costumes.

More stills below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi play a couple in Sumoer

  1. Yet ANOTHER drama titled ‘Legend’ of …………..?????
    Yan Kuan in baldhead/pigtail drama is a rarity. The top knot is sexier for men.

    • It’s mostly laziness in translation than anything. The translation of the chinese title is Gentiana scabra. Which is type flower, literally means Dragon Spleen Flower. Since that’s meanless to foreigners, so they fall back default Legend of … title. It’s the same reason a whole bunch Chinese resturant are named China Palace and their chinese names are completely different.

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