Li Yifeng character posters for Noble Aspirations

So… I guess it’s fashionable this year for the male leads of fantasy dramas to dress like somebody died…

Noble Aspirations 青云志 has released more stills… what else is new.  Starring Li YifengZhao Liying, Qin Junjie, Cheng YiTang Yixin, Zhang Luyi, Wei WeiChe XiaoXiong NaijinYiyang Qianxi, Wang YuanWang Junkai, and Yang Zi,at least it seems like they are starting to move away from simple character stills… and this week, featuring what looks like a yellow-orange hanfu-poncho…

More stills below the cut.

1 thought on “Li Yifeng character posters for Noble Aspirations

  1. The first two photos actually look decent, even if it looks just like Susu gone mad. I wish this series just stopped releasing the dull character posters and went straight to the actual stills.

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