Fool in Love with You^2 a silly departure from regular idol dramas


Meet Mary Sue Elizabeth Aisin Gioro, a  mixed beauty  who wakes up everyday in a bed of 40 acres, but instead wants to build her own business from ground-up… in her dreams.

From the opening scene,  Fool in Love with You^2 笨蛋爱上两个你 plays with your expectations of typical idol dramas  while staying mostly true to a plot of the romance between the perfect CEO and his live-in-maid.  Quirky, cute, and short, this was definitely a welcoming break from all the melodramas airing right now. Watch the cute ED on YouTube here for a preview and the series (so far) here.

Liu Meihan plays the protagonist, a jewelry designer who watches way too many idol dramas.   In one scene, when the CEO asks her  to pretend to be his girlfriend, she daydreams of an all-expense-paid makeover.  Instead, she ended up forking over four-thousand-RMB to buy a dress with her own money out of embarrassment. After she witnessed a car accident that could be murder, she’s taken under the wings of a rather boring  CEO (Wu Haoze).   Except luckily for her and me, the CEO got a rebellious but much cuter split personality from the car accident. Whenever his better half shows up, I just want to hug him and pinch him in the cheeks.   Just look at his teddy bear face below!

31 thoughts on “Fool in Love with You^2 a silly departure from regular idol dramas

  1. How many ep for this drama. I watched till ep33 but it’s not end yet and I can’t find another episode. How can I watch it till the end?

  2. I tried to watch, but couldn’t get past episode 2. There was a lot of potential but it falls back on cliques and the plot is very flimsy… I found myself cringing at the acting and at the dialogue. And at the risk of sounding superficial, aside from the male and female lead, everyone else in this drama looks like they were pulled off the street at the last minute. Compared to Go Princess Go, who had a relatively new cast and allegedly tiny budget, this drama falls very short. I also wonder what the budget for this production was – the outfits for the actors look very repetitive, and in the first episode, I think one of the characters is wearing the same outfit (or at last, the same pattern) in a flashback. I think the budget for the production must have been really low, because I noticed that when one of the jewelry props dropped onto the floor in episode one, it sounded like it was made of plastic.
    I’m not normally so attentive to details in a production, but too many things stood out to me for this drama. I’m disappointed because I’ve been looking for a new drama to watch after Go Princess Go, and I think this might be the one. Back to searching….

    • Also, if you guys like the dual personality aspect of it, definitely check out the kdrama Kill Me Heal Me, which does a much better job with this plotline. There are also very comedic parts, and the female lead is not your typical Mary Sue-type of female character.

    • It did, here is the response I tried to post. It’s on youtube and Raw though. One of the male leads is in Princess Lang Ling and the other lead, though not a hottie in my book, has character, so it’s a quirky fun ride.

  3. oooh Liu Meihan is still alive in Entertainment? I’ve always wondered what happened to our iMe members – I really had high hopes for them and I even bought their EP. Too bad their promotion strategy was completed botched and they just went an entirely wrong route to start with. I actually really enjoyed the last Thai song they released for an advertisement i.e. how they should have done so in the beginning.

  4. Hi :)
    I have been looking for d name of this drama for a long time… Thank God u mentioned it :)
    Is it possible for u 2 do a mid series overview and when it ends d full overview? It will help for non-speaking chinese fans :)

    • Yep! I think Yi Yizi is the only one still under eeMedia (she was in that Jing Boran-Chen Xiang-Zheng Shuang drama). Li Yuanxi recently signed with Mingdao Workshops.

  5. I am so glad you mentioned this show. I am currently watching season 1 which is a totally different series and I am hooked. The director is the same person who did the movie go away mr tumor (if I recall correctly) and it’s a fun ride. I wasn’t expecting much but it got me at the opening scenes and I binge watched 8 episodes straight. So I am quite looking forward to this even though it’s a different cast, storyline and director.

    • I was not expecting to like this, but it was a lot of fun and not very cliche. I haven’t seen the other one (mostly because the male lead is not as attractive …) Maybe I’ll try it if I have time!

      • Truthfully i wrote a comment here but i think it posted on the wrong blog….haha but this drama was the ABSOLUTE best! Loved it! I think i had a crush on the main lead by the end of the show. His acting was superb! Anybody know his SNS? haha. I have to admit though that yes, their wardrobe was pretty repetitive with some of the cast not even having a change of clothes *cough* board of directors *cough*! Haha. Can’t wait to check out season 1 now. Btw, do any of you know where to get ep 225-35 RAW? I want to keep it if possible. I finished the drama by watching ep 25-36 with viet hardsubbed. Really great drama! A must watch (and rewatch!)! :)

      • It’s raw and it’s on Youtube and – 我叫郝聪明. I am not familiar with the leads but it caught me off guard at how quirky it was. Nicely filmed, too. One of the male leads is also the lead in the “will it ever get released” drama Princess Lang Ling. I had to look him up to see what works he has done. The other lead, the landlord/mr. do it all – isn’t all that cute in my book but he has his own thing going – character, I’d say. So, it’s fun.

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