A Round Trip to Love the latest in string of BL works


The main lead before they stole the over-exposed filter from Revive.

Now that investors have seen the path to riches and fame through a string of BL dramas that have shot to fame, it seems like we’re seeing an influx of them.  The latest, net film  A Round Trip to Love 双程  stars little-known actors (as usual)  Gao Taiyu, Huang Jingxiang, Xiang Hao, and Yi Shuai as the two main pairs. I think both pairs follow the classic possessive-CEO-meets-Cinderella story.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Lan Lin. Has anyone read this? I’m getting a creepy feeling from the overly possessive guy from the trailer.  On the positive side, the trailer is English-subbed, which means the film will probably be, too.

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  1. First time seem like this film my life best film past my life I loved only Amir Khan movie but now xiao Yi Cheng Wark this film his pain I am big big fan xiao Cheng I wish you his great future evry day I seen this film

  2. is cheng yi cheng yi chen gay in real life?

    i really wanna know it, he played it really well in round trip of love

    • The brothers are both named “Cheng Yi Chen” but their names are formed with different Chinese characters that are pronounced the same. Notice that the younger Yi Chen at times calls the older one “Ge”, meaning “Brother.” Also, “Xiao” is not his name in this case; it’s a sort of title.

  3. Can somebody please tell me when this movie/ series will be released? I’m actually going insane watching the trailer everyday to satisfy myself until i actually get to watch the movie. And it seems like a dark, posessive relationship, especially the seme’s role.

  4. I’m sorry but do you know when it will be out i’m like going crazy of all this trailers like i’ve been waiting for so long 😅😅😅😭😭😭

  5. Well, I read the original novel, and let’s say that those lines appeared in the book too. To be honest, Lu Feng (aka Gao Taiyu) has a serious case of anger management problems – even though he really loves Xiao Chen (aka Huang Jingxiang). So he ends up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and hurts Xiao Chen every single time. I felt that the book was good even though the characters are super messed up (Xiao Chen needs to love himself more). The way the author phrased her words, oh gosh, they were wonderful. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who dislikes rape (???? kind of) and slut-shaming (also kind of I guess) though (like what the heck man Lu Feng what the heck how could you).

    Btw Gao Taiyu is the taller man! Huang Jingxiang is the one with the pretty eyes and he’s the one who goes all, “from now on, you’re mine” with a cute smile HAHA.

    • To be fair what Lu Feng did wasn’t slut-shaming Xiao Chen but he did insult Xiao Chen really badly in front of his son and uh yeah he did some terrible stuff to Xiao Chen and his son and a lot fo people around him.

      This story is only one of the many novels in Lan Lin’s fictional universe though (haha, it’s like everyone is gay, from the fathers, to the sons, to the love interests of the sons, the list just goes on and on and on).

      • May i ask you where you read the novel ?? Im kinda like with the story line so i want to read the novel first before the actual movie come out. Im going crazy trying to find the novel but its all in chinese 😭

          • Is it okay for u write a summary for me ??? I will appreciate it so much if u want to write it. bc ive been waiting for someone to translate the novel or summary for so long already 😊😊😊

          • Hello, I am not the same person as the one you replied to but do you mind writing a summary of the story for me if you don’t mind? Cause I sort of have a glance over their relationship in Love late but I really want to know what exactly happens and why Lu Feng become like this? Etc. It’s alright if you don’t have time though. Thanks ^^

    • i am deeply sorry if i disturb u .but if u dont mind can u help to summarise the story ? i really wanna know about the novel u read . i will really appreciate it u do me this favour . PLease!!

    • Hola, veo que haz leido el libro. La verdad me encantarìa leerlo, la pelicula ya la vi, pero me quede con ganas de màs, el saber el porque de su comportamiento de ambos, no se si lo tengas aùn, que me hagas el favor de pasarmelo no importa en que idioma este, aqui te dejo mi correo: munoz_vigil@hotmail.com

  6. The trailer gives me the ‘this drama is a melodrama’ vibe..which I hate the most. Tbh I don’t actually mind the threatening words or the possessive feel as long as respect is being given, I will have to watch and see. And agree, I actually can’t tell the 2 guys apart except from their voices, with the deeper voice being the dark hair guy (I guess). I might actually watch this since I am a BL novel and drama fan!

  7. …Well, I don’t quite think that’s my thing. Perhaps if it were something like True Star, with the sexiest guy as MC and a dedicated harem of perverted cliches, then I would be more than happy to watch, but I personally prefer a more balanced relationship and not possessive CEOs bullying Cinderella, because he somehow has something the rich guy with a hundred boy/girlfriends doesn’t, despite being poor and trampled on.

  8. How creepy…the whole “if you run away, I’d love you up, break your legs..” like…omg. uhh…not sure I’m interested in something so dark. Like dark-because-of-outside-forces-tearing-us-apart is different than dark-from-abusive-twisted-psycho-boyfriend.

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