I am a Singer 5: Rock edition.

The song list for I am a Singer 4 finale has been announced, and they’re certainly hoping to give the least interesting season so far a boost in its finale. My bet is still on Coco Lee.

Coco Lee  ft Ne-yo –  Earth Song
Lala Hsu ft JJ Lin –  Twilight
Hacken Lee ft George Lam/Sally Ye – A lot of songs 潇洒走一回+阿lam日记+数字人生
Hwang Chi Yeol ft Gummy – You are My Everything
Joey Yung ft William Chan – 加大力度
Jeff Chang ft Akon –  爱如潮水 and   Lonely
Lao Lang ft Wang Feng, Zhou Xiao’ou, Black Panther keyboardist Luan Shu, Tang Dynasty’s vocalist and guitarist Ding Wu, Overload’s guitarist Gao Qi,  guitarist Li Yanliang, bass Chen Jin, and composer Ma Shangyou – Gift 礼物

There are additional performances by the first 3 season’s winners – Yu Quan, Han Hong, Han Lei

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4 thoughts on “Ne-yo, Akon, JJ Lin, William Chan, everyone in Chinese rock join I am a Singer 4 finale”

  1. Joey yung should have brought more famous guest singer…It is a pity she didnt get to the second finale because of it…..

  2. Oooh really looking forward to seeing Lala Hsu and JJ sing Twilight! Also, that super large group does not really sound fair…

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