April Fool’s Day: Sci-fi epic adapts the The Monkey King

China’s first sci-fi superhero film will be based on none other than a futuralistic rendition of the famous Journey to the West. The series stars Ni Ni, Chen Kun, Wang Kai, Zhou Xun, Yang Yang, Fan Bingbing, Jing Boran, and Chen Daoming.

Ni Ni plays Sun Wukong, a physicist at the top-secret Penglai Research Facility. There, she learns to manipulate atoms for a limited amount of time, allowing her to temporarily shape-shift and create wormholes of her own.

She is kicked out after getting into a fight with fellow researcher Zhu Bajie (Wang Kai ) over the affections of Chang’e (Fan Bingbing). Both  retained their knowledge after Chang’e disobeyed orders to erase their memories. Back in the real world, the two wreck havoc with their new knowledge until they’re restrained by the Agency of Sub-atomic Affairs.

Five hundred years later, pollution and war have pushed most of humanity to move to planets faraway from the Earth. On Earth itself, scientific knowledge was all but gone. Hoping science could save her people from a dying planet, the Earth’s new ruler (Zhou Xun) chose to send out a team to reclaim Earth’s lost knowledge from distant planets. Sun and Zhu were released to aid Professor Xuanzang (Chen Kun) on his intergalactic journey to save the people of Earth. They are joined by mission director Guanyin (Chen Daoming), alien Prince and guide Bai Longma (Yang Yang), support staff Sha Wujing (Jing Boran),  and occasional help Nezha (Dilraba), a three-headed mutant due to nuclear exposure, on this journey across 81 galaxies.



This film is brought to you by Cfensi Productions and screens on April Fool’s Day 2516.  


But jokes aside, my explanation of The Journey to the West makes total sense (not really, but parts of it does!). The “transportation cloud” is actually just mini-wormholes, which would explain why the Monkey King can’t just carry Tang Seng to India. The various levels of heaven are in fact just a number of advanced societies near blackholes, which would explain why time passes slower in heaven. My logic is undeniable.


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11 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day: Sci-fi epic adapts the The Monkey King

  1. You should pitch your idea to FBB’s film workshop! Love your logo with Wang Kai. If you could change it from MGM to WKK (Wang Kaikai), it would be perfect!

  2. You know, there should totally be a Cfensi Productions. Then I can pitch my idea of a Chinese version of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ to some network executives~

    • But don’t worry, Zhu Bajie is hot in this version, and he’s going to have a romantic line with Sun Wukong, except they’ll both use the full extension of their powers to manipulate the atoms in order to save the world, so much that neither of them are able to re-form themselves. That is, they reach Nirvana and become one with the universe, and their love is felt all around us.

      Also I hope you read the caption.

  3. Are you kidding me?
    This is the most incredible cast and synopsis. This is so perfect. Are you kidding me? I’m so impressed! I’m so excited!

    Oh my god, I didn’t read the caption for the picture.
    I feel so sad right now, I’m going to crawl into a corner and whine.

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