Nicky Wu to Release First Solo Album in 13 Years

Nicky Wu Journey album cover

Though Nicky Wu started off as a member of The Little Tigers band and has been involved with the soundtracks of many of his projects, his last solo album release was in 2003, which was basically an EP collection of a few drama theme songs. Now, thirteen years later, he is preparing for the release of Journey (旅程), which will include his duet with wife Liu Shishi.

Scheduled for release this month, Journey will be Nicky’s 16th solo album (17th if you include the aforementioned EP). Recording for the album had actually already been completed more than a year ago, but because Nicky and Shishi’s wedding ceremony was delayed until this past March, the album’s release was also pushed back to April.

So far, I have yet to see an official confirmation of Journey‘s tracklist, but it’s a sure bet it will include “Hand in Hand” (手牵手), the song that Nicky and Shishi recorded together to celebrate their marriage. The song’s MV was recently released, and as expected, it features a lot of hand-holding, along with a dose of smooching at the end.

Currently, Migu Music has 10 songs available for preview, nine of which have been compiled into a YouTube video below, courtesy of YouTube user Xu Baozhen. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Journey (旅程)
  2. No Regrets (不悔)
  3. Didn’t Love Enough (爱得不够)
  4. Past Like Mist (往事如烟)
  5. Don’t Say Goodbye (不说再见)
  6. The Damage is Done (覆水难收)
  7. Strange Moonlight (陌生的月光)
  8. Sing a Song For You (为你唱首歌)
  9. Naturally Lonely (天生孤独)
  10. Hand in Hand (手牵手)

Nicky’s Wikipedia page also has a wild tracklist consisting mostly of his drama theme songs from past years. While it would be nice to have a male-voice version and the Nicky/Yan Yidan version of Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s “Three Inches of Heaven” (三寸天堂), I haven’t seen anything to confirm that any of the tracks listed on Wikipedia will be included on Journey, so don’t get your hopes up.

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