Revive is China’s biggest budgeted BL drama yet


Unlike Nirvana in Fire, Revive clearly hasn’t shy’ed away from its canon ship.

Revive is probably the highest-budgeted BL drama so far in China. The cinematography looks nice, the lighting is super bright, there’s plenty of profile shots, and Xu Haiqiao and Han Chae-youn are really pretty.  It’s clear the drama is definitely selling the multiple BL ships in the drama, although I don’t know how far they’ll go (the published book remained mostly platonic, the online version had sex scenes).

The series stars Ma Ke, Xu Haiqiao, Zhang XinyuHan Chae-youn, and Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, and airs once a week on Tencent.  You can watch it  on Youtube here.


Hey, look, it’s Mao Yuanfang from My Hero!



Zhang Xinyu: Why do I always fall in love with gay men?

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Am I the only one who does not find this position attractive? Surely there are better ways to show that you care than use of force and restraint of movement?

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6 thoughts on “Revive is China’s biggest budgeted BL drama yet

  1. the dubbing is such poor quality. sad that dubbing could ruin this, but it is such a turn off. it totally disengages one from the scene. the mechanics become obvious and the magic of being transported to a different place is lost. then all there is left is frustration, anger and total lack of loyalty. DARN another decent looking drama down the dub drain. Those whispery voices with no sounds of life in the background, no room space noise. you can hear that they are NOT in the space they are talking in, in the video. they sound like they are all from the same space. and that’s just like taking a picture in black and white and using crayons to make it a color photo. UGH so sorry.

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