How's this for good CGI?
Can you tell this Fan Bingbing is all CGI?

China’s first motion capture animation film L.O.R.D. 爵迹 released its first sneak peek of its CGI, this time featuring actress Fan Bingbing.

The film is set for a September 30 release. (My heart shattered a little when I heard the time. Railroad Tigers is airing the same weekend, so the chances of that screening when there’s L.O.R.D. at the same time in North America is small. Nooooo.)

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3 thoughts on “L.O.R.D. Fan Bingbing just as gorgeous in CGI”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. I remember when this site wrote about this project. I have mixed feelings about Guo but the project sounds highly interesting.

    Meh about Railroad Tigers. None of Jackie’s films have been entertaining for a lot of years now.

      1. Yes! I want to see Wang Kai on the big screen T_T His character is perfect for him, and I think there’s a scene (if it goes according to the novel) that would be amazing to watch in theaters.

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