Happy Easter/Paris casting call from Stay With Me


Chen Qiao’en looking adorable as a queen or a princess.

Spring is coming, it’s the perfect time to fall in love with this new set of much chirpier photoshoot from Stay With Me. This set of posters actually has nothing to do with Easter other than the pastels, but happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

Btw, the script is confirmed to be by Xu Ziyuan (WuXin: Monster Killer, yay!)  and Qian Jingjing (Destined to Love You and Cage of Love, urgh) .

Also, the cast will be filming in Paris next week.They’re looking for a male to read Oscar Wilde, some extras of Chinese origin, and Caucasian male thugs if you’re interested.

Chemistry off-screen, too!

I can’t decide if this is super adorable, if he’s trying to strangle her, or if she’s using his arm as a pull-up bar.




5 thoughts on “Happy Easter/Paris casting call from Stay With Me

  1. Just a heads up the “toute origines et tous âges” means all ethnicities and ages – but able to speak Mandarin. So I do think they want people other than only Chinese ethnicity, but also able to speak Mandarin. This is for the second casting announcement of course, not the first one, which if for people of Chinese origin :)

    • I think that one’s done? It used to be on one of the other sites but that one has taken the Mandarin speaker one down. There were also one for muscular bodyguards, but that got filled in like a day.

      • Haha. I wonder if there are any fans who managed to get cast as extras. The one for all ages and ethnicities (but speaking Mandarin) is still listed on this site that you linked to here (the second one), but they might just not have updated it. I really hope some lucky fans get to be extras ^^ If only I lived closer to Paris. At least I live pretty close to China. The next vacation time I get, I think it’s time to realize a lifelong dream and go to China.

        • As much as I feel for the fans, I hope the roles went to people who’re actually trying for an acting career, since the entertainment industry is brutal, and extras with good-acting are always a plus.

          Maybe you can sign up as an extra in Snail XD

          • Haha. Yes, the practical, adult side of me also hopes that aspiring actors/actresses were able to get the work :D And I also hope that the fans don’t make filming difficult. I do understand the desire to see Wang Kai though. Problems of a fan ;)

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