The Princess Weiyang releases teaser… finally

You can do this, Vanness.  Just don’t move.  You remember what happened last time when you messed up her hair.

The Princess Weiyang (Weiyoung) has released stills and a teaser.  Starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Li Xin’ai, Mao Xiaotong, and Liang Zhenlun, let’s keep our fingers crossed for more stills soon.

More stills below the cut.

11 thoughts on “The Princess Weiyang releases teaser… finally

  1. I truly doubt if this will be anywhere near the quality of NIF, story and production-wise. Some of the female costumes are plainly western style, especially the blue dress shown above worn by Tang Yen. And why do the men all have pasty white complexions?

    • I think “modernly-inspired” might be a better way to put it… I mean it’s not completely “Western” per say… and looking back at this Sinology Sunday post, maybe a style similar to this did exist at a point in time during this time period… I guess it’s just the styling is done so it looks kind of wrong… unless you have something else you can show us to contribute?


  2. Is this round-collar design a new thing? I don’t think I’ve seen another drama where the costumes have round-collar inner shirts overlayed with more traditional outside garbs. Usually it’s one or the other.

    Also, I think there should be a drinking game for Chinese dramas where you drink every time someone mentions the word IP. Just because it’s intellectual property doesn’t mean it’s intelligent or worth owning.

    • I can’t really tell…. some of them seem to actually be round… others seem to cut off in kind of a hanfu-LIKE fashion… like this…


      … but yeah… either way… wasn’t expecting much historical/archaeological backing on this one… although I kind of feel the general silhouette of the costumes… kind of mimics the Northern and Southern Dynasties general feel a bit… *struggles*… better than other dramas I’ve seen before… in the past?… at least based on what I have posted in Sinology Sunday unless somebody can point me out otherwise… and I know this is a hard period of time due to China being fraction-ed… and depending at what exact point in time you are at…

      At any rate, I’m not sure if I worded what I just said right so… XD

      and I guess you are dealing with different kingdoms/countries so it would be nice if the audience could distinguish… meh

      • I mean I guess looking back, some of the costumes back from this post do have kind of the same deal-io going on so.. maybe there is some basis at a particular point in that era… It’s just that the styling seems more modern…


  3. I know it says it’s inspired by other awesome big-hits like Nirvana/Lang Ya Bang. But honestly…I find that hard to believe. Not intentionally dissing anyone, but just acting alone, it’s gonna be on a whole different level.

    • I think pretty much every ancient drama released since last September is comparing itself to NIF to rub off the publicity … Miyue did (the director of Miyue talked about how Miyue was like the female of NIF but better) , even Go Princess Go tried to use NIF to promote itself even though the two aren’t remotely similar. …

      • The thing is I feel like NIF was focused more on revenge, politics, and scheming, Go Princess Go was humor, Miyue tried to be too many things at once for me, and this looks to be more of a typical love-triangle inspired drama… (Note: I have not actually read the book so…)

        • This trailer looks quite a bit worse than NIF’s. From cinematography, music editing/composition, art/acting direction, makeup, lighting, to cast. Vanness Wu looks somewhat uncomfortable and awkward. Editing looks a bit choppy, light too garish. The stills look decent

      • Hm. I know a lot of weibo netizens mentioned NIF and GPG in the same posts (i.e. “I avoided Miyue, avoided NIF but got roped into GPG” or sharing pics of NIF and GPG using the same filming location). But I don’t recall the director nor the cast comparing themselves to NIF. In fact, their only sponsor was a Chinese branded Viagra and the amount of airtime in two of the episodes got so much backlash that it got edited (I am just saying this was such a black horse and second rate drama that it had no promotion to start with). These are two completely different types of shows. How can they even?! Damn Letv.

        Miyue I remember making that comparison but for GPG? I believe all the press generated was about how poor this production is and the weibo outcries of being poisoned/addicted by this show. I was one of the many that caught this show daily and followed many GPG topics and press. So to read that they promoted themselves as another NIF… wow. I am surprised. High budget vs. 0 budget. Well known producer/cast vs. no name crew (now very up and coming).

        These two are so different but both are in my top 10 Asian dramas. NIF cause it’s perfect. GPG for creativity, the entire cast CPing and 200% funniness.

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