Dilraba, Ma Ke become bodyguards in new series


The official English name is “Hot Girl”. I refuse that title.

Dilraba and Ma Ke fight and fall in love in The Bodyguards 麻辣变形计.  The series is the next from Perfect World, who has a pretty good record for fun action series.   It co-stars 麻辣女兵 (the English title for this was Hot Girls … I refuse that, too) stars Wang Yang, Wang Yu, and Wang Lu.

A lot of stills below.



Where the director uses the drama to fulfill his secret wish of filming  a musical.


Where the show turns into a cute school romance.


Where everyone is ripped except for the male lead.

Where Jill Valentine is ready to save Raccoon City.

Where Jill Valentine is ready to save Raccoon City.


Where Wang Lu is ready to catch his cheating partner in the hotel.


Where two cosplayers reenact a video game.


Hey, have you noticed that none of the stills so far look like they’re from the same drama?

8 thoughts on “Dilraba, Ma Ke become bodyguards in new series

  1. Your commentary! LOL. They’re so true though. Neither of the leads look like bodyguards, yet we’re supposed to believe they’re top of their class. They’re literally the least fit looking, skinniest, most bird-boned, lankiest “bodyguards” of the bunch. Nice that they’re casting newcomers as leads, but couldn’t they find a more suitable story, script, and character?!

    • :( I think they’re just lack confident in their own artists. Most of the rest of the cast are from 麻辣女兵 + 神犬小七, so they’ve all went through military training, and imo would’ve been better fit for the lead roles.

      The good news is Wang Yang, Zhang Yunlong, Wang Yu are leading the company’s next drama. Zhang Yunlong and Wang Yu are probably two of the few younger actors who are buff and can act, so I’m excited.

    • Give the man some credit. Don’t you see him lifting the muscle man on his skinny shoulder? I don’t know if he suffered any serious injuries after that shot but it goes to show that you don’t need to be buff to be a bodyguard. Power to you, Skinny Dude United!

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