Baby Wu Lei!
The tragedy of a baby Wu Lei in puberty is that he grows up so fast.

If you wanted to catch up on baby Wu Lei, Faraway Love 远得要命的爱情 is your chance!  Li Fei’er plays a single parent who all of a sudden finds love with a CEO (Park Hae-jin)  and an old classmate (model Zhang Lunshuo).    Wu Lei plays the sweetheart son who can sometimes be angsty. The series was filmed back in 2013 but is only airing now. Oh, how he’s grown.  Also, the female antagonist is Song Yi.

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One thought on “Park Hae-jin, Li Fei’er, Wu Lei form a family in Faraway Love”

  1. I enjoyed this drama. Happy for this post. First 20 some episodes were a breezy and good watch. Am taking a break cause of my dislike for the direction it might be going towards. I’ll prob wrap it up once I get into the mood.

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